Christina "Koko" Kokologiannakis
San Jose, CA

As the founder of Kokologiannakis Real Estate & Strategy, Christina Kokologiannakis, known as Koko, has seen success quickly in her 6+ years as a Real Estate Professional and Real Estate Strategist.

From a background in International Business and Finance, to getting a Masters In Taxation, working for Ernst & Young as a Tax Strategist - to starting Kokologiannakis Real Estate & Strategy. Koko has a lot of training as a Strategist From Some Very Large Companies. She has brought those elite skills to her real estate business.

Throughout her years as a Real Estate Professional, she has been see as offering an elite level of service to her clients. A Luxury Concierge Service around all things Real Estate.

Koko has aligned herself with the Most Elite Partners to help in every possibly strategy situation. Let Koko bring her vetted partners in to make it a seamless and stress free process.

Even better, Koko has years of Renovation and Design experience and brings that expertise to her clients' homes and ensure they get top dollar in any market. She designs for the buyers. Her cost effective design while using her elite partners, Wins Every Time.

Don't wait...book a strategy call with Koko right away. She only works with a handful of clients at a time. This is done to ensure she gives each one of her clients the attention they deserve.

A Luxury Concierge Service!!

Nick Kokologiannakis

San Jose, CA

Husband, father, tech executive, and Realtor. Love the outdoors and boating. I believe in putting in the work to achieve your dreams and goals. There is nothing much that compares to helping others realize their dreams. To be given the opportunity to help others realize their dream of home ownership is a great honor I will never take lightly! I also enjoy helping other real estate agents become successful and and realizing their dreams as well.



See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

We worked with Koko for selling our townhome and buying our single family home. Due to this, we were not first time home buyer. Across all of our real estate transactions, we had spoken to about 6-8 different real estate agents. And we worked with a different real estate agent in purchasing our first home. On our sell, we had to renovate our townhome quite extensively. I'd like to emphasize that we did all of our engagement with Koko (renovate, sell and buy) during COVID-19 SIP protocol timeframe. It was a particularly challenging spring and summer from taking a house on the market and investing in a new house. Our family (virtually) traveled with Koko for over 6 months during this process via hundreds, if not thousands, of text messages and hours of phone and Zoom conversations. She is extremely flexible from a time perspective as well.

Looking back, we are extremely satisfied we got a chance to work with Koko. She is knowledgable about the market, her judgement on how to price a property and bid for a property was spot on. There were times we stepped out of offering a given house (for other reasons) yet noticed the house sold for almost exactly what she claimed it would go for a few weeks back. She applies a lot of positive pressure in decision making, yet she is totally accommodating when it comes to listening to our views. There was one occasion where we almost bid on a house, yet pulled back on the last minute after she spent hours on writing up the offer. She accepted our apologies gracefully and got down to the next set of houses for us.

On the selling front, her work speaks for itself. She managed to sell our townhome not only for over asking, but for tens of thousands more than another house in the same community that sold a few months back (pre COVID). She suggested a number of options for upgrades and worked within our budget. She doubles down as a project manager for these renovations and she never let her eye off the ball. All this was through peak SIP during COVID. Again, I'd spoken to a few different real estate agents prior to settling on Koko. None of them were quite the complete package that Koko provides.

Overall, we were equally impressed with her buy as well as sell side of the services, and would recommend her to anyone seeking to work with her.


Koko was super fun to work with. Being first time home buyers, she was very patient in explaining the entire process and guided us in every step. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for houses in the Bay Area.

Ps- She also give great options for upgrades while looking for houses which eases the decision making while purchasing a new property


Have you ever seen some pull off a miracle right in front of your eyes and wondered how on earth did they possibly do it? Has someone exceeded your expectations so much that you are ready to recommend them to everyone you know?

We met one such person! It was Christina (who goes by the name "Koko"). She pulled off the most seemingly impossible deal and got us our home in the Bay Area.

Being first time home buyers, we were absolutely new to this whole process. So choosing the right real estate was going to be critical if stood any chance to get a house we love, in the Bay Area.

Right from the first meeting, Koko was extremely thorough in her approach and walked us through the entire process . She laid out a very methodical approach of narrowing down the properties. She left no stone un-turned in making sure all of our criteria was met.

Another thing hat differentiates Koko from other real estate agents is that she gets her job done really really well.. She is a go-getter!! We really mean it.

Her negotiation skills, ability to close the whole transaction in record time and making sure you get the best deal possible, simply makes her the best real estate agent here in the Bay Area.

If you or anyone you know in the Bay Area is looking to either buy or sell a house, simply go with Koko. Don't even bother going with anyone else.

For us: Best Real Estate Agent == Ms Koko!! Period!

Thank you Koko for helping us finding the best house we possibly could!!