Remodeling Showcase

The Road to a Quicker & More Lucrative Sale

Remodeling your home in a way that makes it more functional and enjoyable for the next couple of decades is usually worth any type of manageable expense and effort.

But how about if you are planning to sell your home sooner rather than later? The fact is that certain remodeling jobs can both increase your home’s value and secure you a faster sale once they are completed.

One of the things that sets Kokologiannakis Group apart is our extensive experience in this aspect of the home selling process. Interested in hearing how we do that?


Free Consultation

We’ll come to your home to do a complete walk-through, looking for opportunities to make revenue-boosting and property enhancing home improvements.

Determine a Timeline

When are you hoping to sell your home and for how much? We’ll develop a timeline that will lead to the best possible outcome.

Set a Budget

Every home improvement project should have a set budget. We’ll help you determine the right one for you.


Some home improvements offer a much higher ROI than others. We’ll sit down and determine just what remodeling tweaks make the most sense for you and your unique home.


We do require a signed contract before work begins, but that contract will be fair, clear and expertly prepared.


Our contractors can offer very competitive bids for all kinds of remodeling work and get the job done faster, more efficiently and more affordably than you ever imagined possible.

Home Before Our Remodel
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Home After Our Remodel
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